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Small Reveal

by Aidan Knight

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released October 23, 2012

Colin Nealis - Bass, Viola, Violin, Percussion, Voice
Olivier Clements - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer, Hammond Organ, Percussion
David Barry - Drums, Guitar, Percussion
Julia Wakal - Flugelhorn, Cornet, Trumpet, Synthesizers, Omnichord, Autoharp, Loop Manipulations, Percussion, Voice
Aidan Knight - Guitars, Piano, Omnichord, Wurlitzer, Tape Manipulations, Piano Bass, Percussion, Voice
Jonathan Anderson - Pedal Steel, Piano Bass, Percussion, Bowed Banjo
Aubrey Kelly - Trombone
Aleksandra Tremblay - Flute
Marlene Stewart - Tuba

Recorded and Mixed by Jonathan Anderson
Mix Engineering by Sean Holowaychuk
Mastered by Philip Victor Bova at Bova Sound
Location recording at Protection Island, Wakal Manor, Nealis Home, and Larsen Music
Additional engineering by Colin Nealis, Aidan Knight, and Julia Wakal


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Aidan Knight Victoria

Aidan Knight is a songwriter and performer from Victoria Canada.

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Track Name: Dream Team
Never understand
Never could be
Good but you know I try
To keep the future close
Closed up like a fist
You've been sleeping in the wild
Oh, the blackest wave
Was I swimming just to drown?

I have seen you in the world
I have seen you in my mind
Would you put it all at ease
Or make me feel uneasy
Cause I feel 25
And it never was that way
Something's changed inside my heart
And I'm unsure of everything

Holding sea salt in your hands
Don't you ever want to pour it out
Track Name: A Mirror
Crushing the boys
Tying one on out back
Flexing their charms
In the gym
With the guys
It keeps me awake,
Knowing you'll love me
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm right here
I'm here

Am I a clerk or a mirror?
Whichever will do

Down at the stores
Picking up aspirin and milk
Nursing an arm
Like a bird
In a drawer
The effortless cool way
You carry your bags
I am stocking the shelves
Hoping you'll see me in the back
I was alive
This whole time
I was here
I'm still here

Am I a clerk or a mirror?
Whichever will do
The tournament of stares
Somebody's got to move
Track Name: Singer Songwriter
Cleaning out the carpet in the month of June
I am holding in a song
Wrapping my head around the fortunate ones

Beating you senseless with a delicate word
While you'd be out humming and hawing
I'd be here humming out the verse

Is ink all that heavy if there's not much to say?
Does it press against your body
Like the girls do at the bar?
Do you fear it in the moments,
When they discover who you are?
Will you question all your memories or
Pour yourself another drink
It collapses under piles of pages
And bad sleep

Laying on the carpet in the month of June
I am holding a song
Shaking my head cause I'm a fortunate one
Track Name: You Will See The Good In Everyone
Like anything
Like anything worth doing
The plot is difficult
The voice is low, you are an idiot
Explored the written word
But now that you've seen nakedness
Will you see the good in everyone

Am I singing for strangers

What a voice
When strangers sing these harmonies
The eyes are wide in discovery
So I eat peaches in the afternoon,
Serenade old men on their balconies
I gave up on trying to pin it down

Am I singing for strangers
Track Name: The Master's Call
Leave me in this world
For I am not alone
Taking in the evening
Us good old boys

Two stray dogs
Listening for
The Master's Call

The sticky, Summer heat
A wedding in the shade
You cried into a canning jar
Like perfume come unsealed

Love can be like a tart meringue
A sunburn fading in a lukewarm bed
And time can change most anything
Until you reach the very end

Two stray dogs
Listening for
The Master's Call
Track Name: Skip
Frank Candelori
Cutting his hair
Pacing the stages
In the boroughs of New York

If life was a slipstream
Skip just ran out of steam
Tired of standing up
For what he believed

When all of the edges
Aren't always straight
Will you withstand it
Or let it break
Track Name: Creatures Great & Small
You wonder what I do
With myself in the dark
Outside with the birds
It's a mouthful
I run like I was never yours

Don't you ever feel
That the room just got bright
Like a million big ideas
Or your brother's eyes
Don't choose me
I was never yours

There's gonna be a time
When I leave you in the night
To sit on top of roofs
Return, like I was never yours

Creatures great & small
Track Name: Margaret Downe
Margaret in the morning
Sleeping on her side
Tossing men like nickels into
The ever rising tide
I heard she was a dentist
Before she fell in love
Freezing leaden smiles
Just to give them up

Margaret at the office
Margaret at eighteen
She said "Sit right down a minute"
She said "Let me clean your teeth"
So we settled down in Bozeman
In the corner of the world
We raised a couple children
But we lost a little girl

Heartbreak in Montana
We slowly grew apart
A grocery clerk in Moncton
As she was dancing in the bar
You rushed him to the courtroom
Before the bed was cold
And defrosted out my windshield
When you smiled and let me know

The many cavities pulling
At our marriages tender mouth
And at the root of all the problems
Was a man across the canal
Margaret left the practice
Late in '86
I left behind the midwest
And forgot we ever kissed

I knew she changed her number
But couldn't shake the cough
The doctor gave her six weeks
Which only made her shrug it off
Resting in her fifth week
I brought her buttercups
There was too much to say between us
And I'd only fuck it up
So, I stared up at the ceiling
And I held her little hands
And you knew that I forgave you
For making other plans

Margaret in the morning
Sleeping on her side
Strolls into the waves
Of an ever rising tide

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